Dirty Phil. is a little mysterious...

We get it, sometimes you just wish he'd be more open.  Maybe he could just let you know what's on his mind.  Me too, here's the information we got from him.


AKA 'Dirty Phil.'s recovery loop.' 

Starting at Mission Recreation Park, riders will climb through East Kelowna, experiencing beautiful panoramic vistas of Okanagan Lake and the surrounding wineries. Continue up towards the historic Kettle Valley Rail Trail and the unforgettable experience of riding past Dirty Phil.'s place.

The second loop to Chute Lake will sort out the Phil's from the not Phil's. 

Descend back into Kelowna, loop along the lake and be back in time for a recovery Beer or 2. 

Little Phil. 

AKA 'Phil. can you get some milk, please'

Wheels down at Mission Recreation Park in Kelowna.  Don't get us wrong; this is still the real deal,  90km almost exclusively on gravel including 1700m of beautiful, leg crushing elevation.  Look right, you'll see Phil.'s place. This is where Dirty Phil. cut his teeth and became the man he is today.  

Bonus - Earlier beer.

Finish in Kelowna, cheer on the rest of the legends completing the inaugural The Dirty Phil. Gravel Fondo. 



Wake up 




The Dirty Phil. Showcase  

Friday June 15, 2018

2 pm - 8 pm 

The Dirty Phil. Race Day and Showcase

Saturday June 16, 2018

6 am - 8 pm