Who is Dirty Phil.? 

Usually in a small town, you know everyone. You know their history, where they work, the things they like, the type of car they drive. But in this town, no-one really knows anything about Dirty Phil. Every so often, someone will run into him down at the corner store, or the post office, and he'll nod politely before scurrying off before you've even had time to open your mouth. No-one is really sure if they've ever had a conversation with him. Yet, everyone knows him. 

If you ask the townsfolk, they'll describe Dirty Phil. as polished, sophisticated, clean-cut but daring. He has an edge, but no-one can quite pinpoint what that edge is. His hair colour is unknown because he's eternally wearing a cap or a helmet. He's admired for his secrecy more than he is feared. You'll most regularly see him riding down the road on a world-class bicycle, the likes of which are rarely seen in this town. Sometimes he's on a mountain bike, sometimes a road bike, often a hybrid. Even his most predictable elements are unpredictable. 

Sometimes you can sneak a peak as he's coming back into town, but you'll have to wait five or six hours and you're never quite sure which route he's going to take. His cleanliness is momentarily expunged as he scoots back towards his house - a mixture of mud, dust and probably a bit of blood coat his otherwise perfect skin. He wouldn't have it any other way though. He's just had the time of his life, but no-one really knows where he went. 

For the people in town, Dirty Phil. is a shadow and a light. He's revered for his pure love of being out on the road. He's unknown, yet known. People can't help but feel like there is a little bit of Dirty Phil. inside them - the raw joy of being out doing exactly what you love, day in, day out.